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Nicky Santoro, a name that strikes fear into the hearts of many, was a notorious figure in the criminal underworld. His life story is one of power, violence, and betrayal, and it has captivated the imaginations of both true-crime enthusiasts and Hollywood filmmakers alike. From his humble beginnings in Chicago to his tumultuous rise within the Las Vegas casino scene, this article explores the life and legacy of Nicky Santoro.

Early Life and Criminal Beginnings:

Born Nicholas Santoro in 1932, Nicky grew up in the rough streets of Chicago. Like many others of his time and place, he found himself drawn into a life of crime at a young age. His involvement in various criminal activities earned him a reputation as a tough and resourceful individual. As he navigated the dangerous world of organized crime, he quickly rose through the ranks, catching the attention of more established mobsters.

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Rise in Las Vegas:

In the 1970s, Nicky’s life took a significant turn when he was sent to Las Vegas by his Chicago Outfit superiors. Las Vegas, a burgeoning gambling paradise, was a prime location for organized crime to expand its influence. Nicky’s mission was to oversee the Outfit’s interests in the city, which included casinos, loan sharking, and various illicit activities.

Nicky Santoro’s reign in Las Vegas was marked by both ruthless efficiency and an unpredictable temper. He became known as a key figure in the city’s criminal underworld, working closely with his childhood friend and mob associate, Tony Spilotro. Together, they controlled the illicit operations in the casinos, ensuring a steady flow of profits to their criminal organization.

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Violence and Control:

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Nicky Santoro’s rise to power in Las Vegas was not without its share of violence and controversy. He was infamous for his brutal methods of maintaining control, which included beatings, intimidation, and even murder. His volatile temper and unpredictable behavior made him a force to be reckoned with, both inside and outside the casinos.

The Downfall:

As the 1980s rolled in, Nicky’s criminal empire in Las Vegas began to crumble. Law enforcement agencies and the FBI intensified their efforts to bring down the Chicago Outfit’s operations in the city. Nicky’s violent tendencies and erratic behavior drew the attention of authorities, who saw an opportunity to dismantle the criminal network.

In 1986, Nicky Santoro’s life took a dramatic turn when he and Tony Spilotro were brutally murdered. Their bodies were discovered buried in an Indiana cornfield, a clear message from the mob that they had outlived their usefulness and had become liabilities.


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Nicky Santoro’s life and death have left an indelible mark on the world of organized crime. His story has been immortalized in Martin Scorsese’s film “Casino,” where he was portrayed by Joe Pesci. While his methods were ruthless and his demise was violent, Nicky Santoro remains a complex and enduring figure in the annals of organized crime history.

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Nicky Santoro’s life was a tale of power, violence, and ultimately, downfall. His legacy continues to captivate the public’s imagination, serving as a cautionary tale of the dark and dangerous world of organized crime. While his life ended in tragedy, Nicky Santoro’s story serves as a reminder of the enduring allure of true-crime stories and the complexities of the human condition, even in the most notorious of criminals.


Who was Nicky Santoro?

Nicky Santoro, whose real name was Nicholas Santoro, was a notorious mobster associated with the Chicago Outfit, a prominent organized crime syndicate. He gained notoriety for his involvement in various criminal activities, particularly in Las Vegas during the 1970s and 1980s.

What was Nicky Santoro’s role in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas, Nicky Santoro was sent by the Chicago Outfit to oversee their criminal interests in the city. This included managing illegal activities within casinos, loan sharking, and maintaining control over various operations.

How did Nicky Santoro die?

Nicky Santoro, along with his childhood friend and fellow mob associate Tony Spilotro, was brutally murdered in 1986. Their bodies were discovered buried in a cornfield in Indiana. Their deaths were seen as a result of their increasing notoriety and their potential to implicate higher-ranking mob members.

Was Nicky Santoro portrayed in a movie?

Yes, Nicky Santoro’s life and activities in Las Vegas were portrayed in the 1995 Martin Scorsese film “Casino,” where he was played by actor Joe Pesci. The film is a fictionalized account based on real events involving organized crime in Las Vegas.

What made Nicky Santoro infamous?

Nicky Santoro was known for his brutal methods of maintaining control over his criminal enterprises. He was notorious for using violence, intimidation, and even murder to achieve his objectives, making him a feared figure in the criminal underworld.